Institute for Integrated Rural Tourism

The Institute is commited to promoting examples of integrated rural tourism around the world. Criteria that we use to be sure that the tourism products meet our standards and definitions for integrated rural tourism include:

  • Focus on rural life patterns
  • Link with small scale agriculture
  • Place based
  • Elders are tied into the product development or the touristic experience
  • Focus on the authentic rather than the created attraction
  • Demonstrated linkages within the region or community benefit community members
  • Low impact on natural and human communities
  • Education and interpretation is a major component of the tourism product
  • Low investment in created attractions, facilities, and services
  • The ordinary for the host community becomes the extraodinary for the visitor
Maramures Romania
Land and People; A Dance Shaping the Cultural Landscape of Maramures

Maramures is a county located in the Northwest part of Romania. Life in Maramures is like a mystery. Visitors to Maramures Country must drive through mountain passes and descend into the valleys where the mystery of rural traditions unfolds. Maramures represents a living museum that is at once within reach of the 21st century personality yet still beyond the grasp of the whimsical traveler.

Rivers and mountains have shaped the people and life ways of Maramures. And the landscape itself has been shaped by traditions. Over the centuries, the land and people have danced to create a relationship perfect in its complexity yet imperfect in its unpredictability. Undaunted by 21st century complications, the villagers take what is practical, and give a sense of place to the world.

Many small villages offer a glimpse of this special world for the adventure traveler. Choose one of the river valleys and explore the cultural, natural, and agricultural heritage of the land of the Free Dacians. Visit Botiza, Iued where the oldest and largest old wooden churches in the world are located. Visit Vadu izei and inquire at the information center about visiting traditional artisans such as weavers and wood carvers, and stay in one of the many welcoming guest houses where authentic Maramures cuisine prepared from natural ingredients grown on the local farms will delight your appetite.


Botiza Village in Maramures

Contact George Iurca from Botiza to organize your Maramures experience. Email: botizavr@sintec.ro or call 0040-262-334110.

A warm welcome greets visitors to Botiza. Botiza is recognized for its friendly people who greet each other and visitors alike when passing on foot or bicycle with a warm good morning, good day, or good evening. Visitors have a wide variety of guesthouse accommodations to choose from in Botiza. A great effort has been made by residents to become a destination for travelers seeking to stay in an authentic village atmosphere. Botiza is typical of most Maramures villages, surrounded by mountains and hills, a small river meandering through the village, and a patchwork of agricultural crops growing in the narrow passages leading to the village in summer. Here visitors can take in the sounds, feel, and smells of village life. The food is authentic, the people are friendly and accustomed to visitors, and the accommodations are well appointed.

Botiza is located at the crossroads of the Iza Valley where people can veer from the well traveled roadway to villages only a few kilometers adrift where vivid displays of landscape and culture combine. Walking from village to village on well-worn paths is popular among visitors to the Botiza area.

Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom

Occupying the northeast corner of Vermont, the Northeast Kingdom represents nearly one-fifth Vermont's land mass, and with over 200 lakes and ponds, over 25% of Vermont's bodies of water. A richly forested agrarian community, the Northeast Kingdom is steeped in New England history. Dotted with quaint villages, refreshing farm stands, inviting restaurants, charming inns, eclectic museums and antique shops, Northeastern Vermont has a culture offering great rewards for the curious explorer. An outdoor lovers paradise, the Northeast Kingdom is home to the "Kingdom Trails", rated as one of the top five mountain biking networks in the world. Enter the realm, and experience Vermont's Northeast Kingdom.

To explore the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont try cycling, hiking or canoeing for an a true light adventure tour, contact the Vermont Adventure Company located in the heart of the Northeast Kingdom. www.vtadventureco.com. And for great mountain biking right outside the door of your country inn, check out the Kingdom Trails at www.kingdomtrails.org. Country inns along the trails include the family oriented Wildflower Inn, www.Wildflowerinn.com and the wonderfully renovated historic farm and creamery at the Inn at Mountain view Farm, www.innmtnview.com.

Contact: http://www.travelthekingdom.com/ for general information regarding the Kingdom.

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