Institute for Integrated Rural Tourism

Workshops are guided by activities from the Institute's book Integrated Rural Tourism: Weaving Low Impact Tourism into the Economic Fabric of Rural Communities. Workshops and training programs are customized to meet the specific needs of the participants and participating organizations. Focus is on applied learning through individual and small group activities.

Workshop participants in Siguatepeque, Honduras learning to develop a tourism product and brochure that tells the story of their community by weaving rural life patterns into the tourism experience.

Workshop topics include:

  • Developing Integrated Rural Tourism Products
  • Effectively marketing Integrated Rural Tourism
  • Community Planning for Interated Rural Tourism
  • Capacity Building for NGO's and Governmental Organizations
  • Delivering Quality Service

Traveling Workshops and Training Programs

The Institute is pleased to bring its expertise and hands-on teaching style to communities worldwide. By working in the community where the tourism experience will take place, the workshop leaders can facilitate a tourism product development process on the spot. By working directly in the target community, our workshop leaders can have a vital impact on a critical mass of people who will ultimately participate in delivering the tourism experience.

The workshops are designed so that participants can apply what they learn through hands-on activities. Practical lessons include:

  • Assessing strengths and weaknesses of a rural community
  • Weaving farmers into the tourism product
  • Designing a menu of integrated rural tourism products
  • Creating a logo and brochure
  • Developing a marketing plan
  • Creating a web site
  • Pricing the tourism product
  • Delivering quality service
  • Partnering with large tourism enterprises
  • Designing an interpretive program






Guesthouse owners and managers participate in a workshop on customer satisfaction and quality service in rural Romania.

During a workshop on product development in Siguatepeque, Honduras, participants interview an elder to learn more about rural life patterns in earlier generations.

Including elders in the product development stage enriches the interpretive nature of the tourism program and demonstrates respect for the wisdom of our elders.

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